Road Instruction for Drivers in Greensburg, PA

Services Available at Janet E. Sherid Theory & Driving School, LLC

Road instruction for drivers in Greensburg, PA and surrounding areas by Janet E. Sherid Theory & Driving School, LLC offers a robust menu of services. There is so much more to driving than starting the vehicle and motoring down the highway. We teach students the proper techniques and skills for all expected driving needs.

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Road Instruction Services Menu

Road instruction from Janet E. Sherid includes six hours of private, experiential skills training to teach new drivers all they need to achieve success in taking the driving test, as well as master awareness of proper vehicle operation. Challenges covered as part of road instruction include:

  • Defensive Driving Course
  • On-the-Road Instruction
  • License Exam Preparation
  • Parallel Parking
  • Perpendicular Parking
  • Diagonal Parking
  • Driving Evaluations
  • U-Turn Skills
  • Two-Point Turn
  • Three-Point Turn
  • City Driving
  • Rural Road Driving
  • Toll Road Driving
  • Residential Driving
  • Secondary Road Driving
  • Roadway Markings & Crossings
  • Pavement Markings & Pedestrian Crossings
  • Court/Job Mandated Driving Instruction

Gift Certificates for all occasions are available in any denomination.

Road Safety Starts with Effective Road Instruction

Markings and construction by the best engineers are only part of what goes into road safety. Learning the skills required for various types of road situations is essential. From proper parking techniques to driving on all types of roadways, road instruction offers tips and experience you can use every day.

Learn the practical skills you need with our effective road instruction course, where you will learn to master just about any roadway issue you may encounter. Situational awareness is essential to being an effective driver. We can help you raise your skill level in many areas through our road instruction course, so enroll today!