About Licensed Instructor Janet E. Sherid

Licensed by the PA Department of Education for Over 40 Years

Member of the Pennsylvania Association of Driving Schools

We invite you to learn more about licensed instructor Janet E Sherid. She has active involvement with driver education for over 40 years. She introduced and taught the 30-hour, driver theory course in various communities and school districts, as well as state-funded programs:

  • Norwin School District
  • Ligonier High School
  • Ligonier YMCA
  • Hempfield Park & Recreation
  • Murrysville Park & Recreation, at Franklin Regional
  • Penn-Trafford Park & Recreation
  • Adelphoi Village
  • Private Industry Council of Westmoreland & Fayette Counties

Janet Sherid’s involvement in driver education, and having lost friends in vehicle accidents, has fueled her belief that driver theory is the foundation to building responsible and safe drivers. New drivers—every driver—must understand all the driving laws and adhere to these standards to ensure our safety, as well as those who share the roads with us.

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Continuing Education and Driver Theory Classes Available

Janet E. Sherid continues to offer driver theory courses to those communities where an interest in these programs exists. Due largely to the changes in academic and extracurricular demands on students, the times and dates of driver theory class do not always fit into their schedules.

There are various driver theory classes available online, which afford students the ability to learn at their own pace. We encourage parents and new driving students to research these online courses themselves. T.his helps determine the best fit based on their individual needs and financial situation. Janet E. Sherid is not affiliated with any one particular online theory course and does not receive any commission for referrals

Becoming Responsible Drivers and Avoiding Loss of Life

The importance of extensive and thorough driving knowledge and skills is critical, given the tragic loss of life experienced in traffic accidents that affect so many schools and families. Inexperience combined with substance impairment, using visually distracting technology, combined with excessive speed and lack of awareness combine to cut short the lives of too many young people.

Knowing the importance of controlling speed, drinking, adhering to our basic driving laws each time we take to the roadways, allowing for extra time to reach our destination, and keeping our mind focus on the driving task is imperative for every motor vehicle operator. It is up to us to give young people the opportunity and right tools they need to become responsible drivers.

Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for over 40 years, Janet E. Sherid is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Driving Schools.