Janet E. Sherid Theory & Driving School

Driver’s Education & Road Instruction in Westmoreland County, PA


Learn Safe Driving Techniques

Learning to drive can be a challenge for both parents and students, especially on the roadway today. New drivers must deal with distracted drivers, cell phone use, and road rage, making it much more dangerous to learn and become a responsible young driver. However, with proper training, our young drivers can overcome these challenges. My goal, as a driving instructor, is to train these young people to become safe drivers and to give parents a peace of mind as their children embark on this task. I will not put your child out there unless his or her skills are at the level I would expect of my own child.

Vehicular accidents are the number one cause of death for our young students. The combination of speed, drinking, and failure to use safety belts cuts short the lives of many of our children. Driver Education is an important component to keeping them safe, as well as those who share the roadways as pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. Let’s do our best to spare all lives.



Education and Training You Need to Become a Licensed Driver

The Janet E. Sherid Theory & Driving School is a unique form of driver’s education, offering one-on-one, private driving instruction and a 30-hour driving theory course. Vehicular accidents account for the number one cause of death among young people today, so it is important to teach young drivers the rules and more about what they need to be a safe and knowledgeable driver.

The Janet E. Sherid driver education course includes:

  • Driving Course: Private road instruction, driving, parking, city, turnabouts, road exam, advanced driving techniques, maneuverability training.
  • Theory Course: Basic driving skills, laws, responsibilities, safety, alcohol and drugs, road rage.

Certificate issued a completion of course for insurance discount, as may be applied.


Road Instruction

There is so much more to driving than starting the vehicle and motoring down the highway.


Driver Education

Education for drivers can bring vital knowledge and the proper mindset needed for what they may encounter on the road.