Driver Education in Greensburg, PA and Surrounding Areas

Learn to Drive with Janet E. Sherid Theory & Driving School, LLC

For driver education in Greensburg, PA and surrounding areas, learn to drive with Janet E. Sherid Theory & Driving School, LLC. Education for drivers—especially young drivers—can bring vital knowledge and the proper mindset needed for what they may encounter on the road. Vehicular accidents are, statistically, the number one cause of death among our young people. Exposure to the proper information helps them make better decisions behind the wheel.

Theory Instruction, a 30-hour course, mentally prepares young drivers to respond more quickly to decisions confronting them on today’s roadways. Using videos, diagrams, and class discussions on the Driver Manual, new drivers receive education with the best mental tools to respond to driving challenges.

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30-Hour Theory Instruction Class

Subjects covered in the theory class include:

  • Inclement Weather
  • Driving Laws
  • Basic Driving Skills
  • Highway Conditions
  • Vehicle & Personal Safety
  • Driver Responsibilities
  • Safety Belt Use
  • Alcohol/Drugs & Driving
  • Road Rage

Laws for Teen Drivers in Pennsylvania

Another benefit of utilizing the services of our course is the ability to earn your senior license a little earlier. After completing the six-hour Driver Education Course and successfully passing your license test, you could get your senior license six months earlier than your 18th birthday. Just send the Junior-to-Senior license form to me after completing your portion of the form. You cannot have any tickets or accidents for one year after obtaining your license to be eligible for this privilege.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding this form or the process.

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